Compare Hot Tub Water Treatments - Ozone vs Salt vs Chlorine - Arctic Spas - France

Water Care

Peak 1 Ozone System

Reliable and Highly Effective Ozone Integration. The Peak Ozone System® has been added to the internal plumbing of the spa to create the newly named Peak I System.

During filtration, water moves through an area where it is exposed to activated oxygen, or ozone, which provides remarkable purification and oxidation functions.


Crystal clear spa water. Natural source salt blends. Effortless water care.

Onzen Salt Water system is Arctic Spas® proprietary salt water system that produces sanitizer from naturally sourced Dead Sea salts through electrolysis.

Peak 2 Ozone System

The Peak II system offers all the same benefits of the Peak I system but with a few additional features.

We’ve added a circulation pump to the system for more efficient production and control of ozone production from 1-24 hours.

We’ve also doubled the volume of the mixing chamber.

Spa Boy®

Our automated water care system, Spa Boy® represents the most important advancement to hot tubs in many years. Rather than solely relying on inconvenient and imprecise manual testing and addition of sanitizer to your spa, Spa Boy® monitors, helps maintain ideal spa water conditions.

Use significantly less test strips, inaccurate manual dosing of spa water with a barrage of chemicals – Spa Boy® simply, accurately and effortlessly helps maintain perfect clear and safe spa water for you.