How to install Bluetooth in a hot tub - with video

How to install Bluetooth in hot tub

Man 1: Go ahead.
So we’re going to install the Bluetooth. This spa has a stereo. We’re going to hook up the Bluetooth. What you’ll get in the bag or the box is you’ll get that’s the Bluetooth receiver, a couple of strainer leaves, the USB cord, the audio cable, and a little– this is to hold the wire.

So, first thing I do is mount this inside this spa pack. It comes with Velcro on one side. Peel off the Velcro. I do it with the audio cable facing this way and the power cable and the USB cable facing this way. I like to mount it just up right above these relays.

Okay, now I’m just going to mount this. It’s going to hold the USB cable, the excess. Just peel the back. Mount it right by this relay here.

Okay, now we’re going to connect the USB cable. So, the small side plugs into the receiver. The large side is going to come and plug right onto the processor card. And then I’m just going to cable tie the excess.

So that’s that part and now we just have to run an audio cable from here out to the amplifier. So again, we need a hole drilled in this pack. This has been pre-drilled, but you can use a three quarter inch hole saw and just somewhere in the bottom here drill yourself a three quarter inch hole. Now that’s for the cable gland. So, on this one you can install the cable gland, like so.

Man 2: Cable gland.

Man 1: Cable gland or strainer leaf. Take your cable around the– 3.5 millimeter headphone jack through. If you want you can run it nicely behind everything. Plug it in. Tighten up the cable gland.

Man 2: So they come in, get hooked up to the two RCAs and you’ve got your audio input into the amp sitting right there in the corner. As you can see as well, on this specific model two, the stereo is located in the furthest corner from the pack. And global has added enough cable to be able to install this in all applications.

Man 1: Okay, so the Bluetooth is installed. Now we’re going to connect the iPhone and play music through it.

Man 2: Yep.

Man 1: So from the iPhone, click on your settings tab.

Okay, the first page of settings, you’re going to go to general, Bluetooth.

Turn your Bluetooth on if it’s not already on. Now, it’s going to pop up B228BT. Now I’ve already connected so I’m going to disconnect or forget it, just to show you how to connect the very first time. Forget Device. Okay, so there it is. It’ll say, “Not paired.” Click it. It’s going to ask you for a PIN code. The PIN code is four zeros, 0-0-0-0.

Man 2: Always is 0-0-0-0?

Man 1: Always is.

Man 2: Always will be.

Man 1: Always will be. Four zeros. Click pair in the top right corner. And it says, “Connected,” and then in the top right corner of the screen you see the Bluetooth logo, showing that it’s on.

Okay, exit out, then go to your music and hit play.


Now we’re streaming Bluetooth.

Man 2: All right, what’s that little button right there for?

Man 1: So this little button let’s you decide whether you’re going to play the music through the hot tub, the B228BT, or the iPhone itself.


Man 2: Then you switch back again.


Man 2: There we go. Excellent eh?

Now, if we think we have a problem with the Bluetooth, is there a way we can test the system for music coming out of the amp and the speakers?

Man 1: Yeah, so if you’re playing here, so you’re connected to the Bluetooth, you have the little thing here. It says it’s coming out the Bluetooth, but you don’t get sound or you suspect there’s a problem with the connection, you can come to the Bluetooth receiver. You pull out this headphone jack, okay, and we’re going to plug it directly into the device and make sure that the sound is coming from there. So that will tell you if the problem is from this cable, the amp, the stereo forward, or if it’s from the Bluetooth receiver not receiving the music.

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