How to repair leaking hot tub - hot tub leaks - video

How to repair leaking hot tub jet

Man 1: We were filling this tub and noticed a leak from the monsoon jet. So we felt, what better timing than right now to do a service training on how to repair a leaking monsoon jet? Oh yeah, you got it. That’s good. Look at that leak. That would drain a tub overnight.

Man 2: So what are we going to do first?

Man 1: We’re going to sump pump, we’re going to drain the spa, we’re going to dry up the area of the jet that’s leaking and get it sealed up with some PlasticWeld. So give us a couple minutes to get prepared and we’ll. . .

Monsoon jet. So we found where the leak was in the spa, now we drained the spa, and we’re going to remove the jet. Now the only place for your jets to leak, when they are leaking, is going to be around this edge of your wall flange of the jet and the acrylic surface, that’s the only spot that it can leak at all. So we’re going to take a look around this glued surface right here and see if we can spot any holes or areas where it’s going to be leaking from, which I’ve previously done and found that the hole is right down here. So what you’re going to want to do, is you’re going to take a knife or a dremel tool.

If you’re careful, use a dremel, and clean up any abrasions that are in the area. So you get a nice clean area for applying a new bead of PlasticWeld. So you’ve got that all cleaned up, you want to dry the area off. You’re going to take note as well the inside of the crevice or cavern where the water’s leaking from. It’s going to have water in it as well. So we’re going to get it dried out, not as best as you can but completely dry so that we can apply the PlasticWeld.

Take the PlasticWeld gun, I whittled it out so it’s already mixed, and we’re going to inject it into that cavern, kind of like a filling. You pack it in there a bit. If you ever did mechanics, it’s like packing bearings. There we go. Got that sealed up. Your jet back in. We’ll wait probably about twenty to half an hour, we can fill it up again and start going.